Holy Ewoks! Nerds second guessing the line!

Today’s absolutely mind blowing Star Wars Nerds / Line news is that at some point in the last 24 hours it seems that some of the waiters-in-line has started asking “What’s the point of the line?” Opinions are still rolling in by the minute but so far The Line itself seems to be the most popular reason for the line, followed by the charity thing, with only a few linesters even considering Star Wars as a reason for their waitingness! So, at this point, is it even safe to say these are Star Wars fans waiting for the movie? Or is it a bunch of loiterers-for-charity?

But wait! There’s more!!

The Nerd called “Obi Geewhyen” has made a heartfelt posting claiming that the line is dead to him. OK, he didn’t say that exactly, but you can tell that’s what he means. He says…

“It never felt like the line to me, because -with the movie not playing at the Chinese- it is my sole and personal opinion that the event on Hollywood Boulevard is NOT the Star Wars line.

“It’s a great charity fund-raiser, and a helluva party that’s so darn fine line-themed it could be a ride at Disneyland. But, with apologies to anyone who may be offended by my personal opinion, staying on Hollywood Bouelvard because Star Wars played there HALF the time is very convenient bullshit. Home of Star Wars and Star Wars Mecca and Where the Movie Should Be just don’t add up to the Star Wars line for me. I’ve lined up for Star Wars at the Chinese and I’ve lined up for Star Wars not at the Chinese … and the lineup for Star Wars should, imho, be at a theater where Star Wars will be playing.

“I understand the reasons and the rationale for not moving the line. But it’s beyond all of our control. With the “line” not moved, what you have is not the line. You can call it what you will, you can (most importantly) have just as much fun as if it were … but – to me – what’s going on there is not the line. I guess it’s the place where everybody is waiting around for Star Wars to happen somewhere else. And it’s got a certain rebel coolness that the waiting place is where the movie’s not.

“But, to me, the refusal to be adaptable, the inability or unwillingness to change entrenched plans to match realworld cirumstances, means that there simply is no Star Wars line this time.”

I don’t even know what else to say at this point. Nor do I have time to think of something since I’m headed out the door to go wait outside the Apple Store for the release of Tiger (which will in fact be available at the Apple Store). Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.

UPDATE: The Nerds now have their own blog!!!

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  1. These people are really nuts, but at least they are starting to become aware of the stupidity of their line.

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