Pedal Power

bikeup.jpgFurther to and in conjunction with Robert’s post below about the upcoming BikeSummer 2005-related activities, I wanted to point out that L.A. County Bike Commute Week is May 15-21, highlighted by the 5th-Annual Los Angeles River Ride set for May 15, and the 11th Bike To Work Day taking place May 19 รณ so there’s plenty of time for you to dust off and tune up that dormant two-wheeler you haven’t rolled with since… way too long ago.

At the Bike To Work Day website you can pledge to participate and be entered into a contest for REI bikes, accessories and gear, and if your commute is substantial be sure to incorporate Metro buses and/or trains into your trek because bike commuters ride free on the MTA all day.

I’m actually going to sit out this year’s river ride and instead volunteer with Bicycle Kitchen, which will be helping staff the event at the ride’s L.A. River Center aid station. On May 19 the plan is to first pedal on down the the Good Samaritan Hospital May 19 for the 2nd-Annual “Blessing of the Bicycles” (between 8 – 9 a.m.) before heading on to work.

So get on your bikes and ride!

3 thoughts on “Pedal Power”

  1. Yeah, that’s great and all, but maybe the city planners should do something so that you don’t HAVE to own a car in L.A., instead of having a pat-yourself-on-the-back day or week.

  2. An L.A. without cars as a necessity would be sweet Greg, but rather than putting such an impossible task at the feet of our city planners and telling them it’s their problem to fix, I say it’s up to us as individuals to get the hell out of our cars and show those in power there’s a better L.A. out there. Such actions will proactively speak to those civic leaders much better than blaming them for the present poor state of transportation around town.

    Bike To Work Week may be irrelevant to you when looking at the big picture, but it’s around because there are a growing number of people each year who opt to commute via alternative methods and it helps spread the word to even more. So whether they do it once a year or once a day, they’re part of the solution and should never be so readily dismissed.

  3. If you’re interested in becoming part of the solution, the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC), a non-profit, membership based,advocacy organization working to improve the air quality, noise,and calm traffic to ameliorate the quality of life in Los Angeles County, is benefitting from a 9-mile noncompetitive fundraising bike ride on May 8th. Check out The Inaugural Cinco de Mayo Downtown Los Angeles Fun Bicycle Tour on Sunday, May 8th. The bike ride starts at the Shrine Auditorium and you get to check out historic and cultural attractions in downtown Los Angeles as well.

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