Mancow can blow me

Franklin Avenue reports that Chicago-based shock jock Mancow Muller is coming to L.A.

Let me tell you a little something about Mancow.

Back in 2000 when I was living in Chicago I made this little flash animation called “Elian – Wazzup!!!” that you might have heard about. It was on the news and stuff. Anyway, when the shit hit the fan about it I released it onto the web and asked other people to host it on their sites. One of those people who hosted it was Mancow. I never spoke to the guy and I suspect his web people were behind it, but one way or another it ended up on his site. Which was cool. What wasn’t cool was him implying that he or his team had created it. Which he did. On several occasions. I never listened to him so I don’t know what was said but there was a day in the middle of all that when I got about 500 e-mails from people saying Mancow has said the animation was his and asking if I’d made it for him or if I was lying about my involvement with it. I also got asked in several interviews what his connection to it was, and if he’d hired me to make it for him.

It was pretty lame that this guy was totally trying to steal the credit for something he had nothing to do with. But I guess that’s his claim to fame anyway, biting other people’s ideas and pretending they are his own. *cough* Howard Stern *cough*

9 thoughts on “Mancow can blow me”

  1. Wow, Sean, that was you? I remember that “Elian — whuzzup!” animation well. Very funny stuff.
    Meanwhile, must agree that Mancow is an empty performer. Not sure he’ll translate here. Another Chicago transplant, Jonathan Brandmeier, hasn’t been able to break in either.

  2. Man, one of the best parts about leaving Greater Chicagoland was leaving Mancow behind.

  3. Sean, we should totally go stand in line at Union Station until Mancow admits that he stole your bit.

    I’m serious. We’ll do it in protest.

  4. I listened to Mancow back in the day all the time. He’s very interesting and entertaining… until you realize that he’s 99% BS and the rest is just over-dramatized exaggeration. ***Fake***

  5. That’s not the only thing he’s “stolen”. He’s got a section on his website now dedicated to mash-ups (ie, like those played on Indie 103.1), and, apparently, on more than one occasion, he’s taken credit for making them. The actual artists who made them are particularly unhappy about it. (Particularly since all but one or two of those artists don’t make any money from their work, so credit is all they get.)

  6. Please, take him. I’ve had to skip past q101 for the last several years while this braying ass-wipe went on and on about his militia and how the goverment and their (no joke) black helicopters are out to get him for telling the truth, for telling it like it is man!!

    It might have been funny if it was played for laughs.

    Thank God for NPR and Stern.

  7. So Sean…Did you have the sole rights to your animation? If so, did you do anything about Mancow using it? Or do you just cry about in blogs?

  8. retard, there’s no legal action you can take for someone being an idiot. The animation was SIGNED, anyone who watched it knew I made it, but he said on the air that they did. And yes, they pulled it and never mentioned it again after we got in touch with them about the ‘mixup’

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