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Note: I am NOT endorsing this, just passing along info. – Josh Kamensky just forwarded me some info about a proposed class-action settlement case for any patient who may have been in any Tenet Healthcare-Affiliated Hospitals between June 15, 1999 to Dec. 31, 2004. If that’s you, keep reading after the jump.

The email said…

Please refer to the list of hospitals below and review the full proposed settlement case on the website:

The case includes all of the following hospitals:


Alvarado Hospital Medical Center/SDRI (CA)
Brotman Medical Center (CA)
Centinela Hospital Medical Center (CA) (6/15/99 – 11/19/04)
Century City Hospital (CA) (06/15/99 – 05/31/04)
Chapman Medical Center (CA)
Coastal Communities Hospital (CA)
Community Hospital of Huntington Park (CA)
Community Hospital of Los Gatos (CA)
Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital (CA) (12/17/01 – 11/19/04)
Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital (CA) (12/17/01 – 11/19/04)
Desert Regional Medical Center (CA)
Doctors Hospital of Manteca (CA)
Doctors Medical Center (Modesto, CA)
Doctors Medical Center (Pinole, CA)
Doctors Medical Center (San Pablo, CA) (06/15/99 – 07/31/04)
Encino-Tarzana Regional Medical Center (Encino, CA)
Encino-Tarzana Regional Medical Center (Tarzana, CA)
Fountain Valley Regional Hospital and Medical Center (CA)
Garden Grove Hospital and Medical Center (CA)
Garfield Medical Center (CA) (6/15/99 – 11/1/04)
Greater El Monte Community Hospital (CA) (6/15/99 – 11/1/04)
Irvine Regional Hospital and Medical Center (CA)
John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital (CA)
Lakewood Regional Medical Center (CA)
Los Alamitos Medical Center (CA)
Midway Hospital Medical Center (CA) (6/15/99 – 12/1/04)
Mission Hospital of Huntington Park (CA)
Monterey Park Hospital (CA) (6/15/99 – 11/1/04)
Placentia Linda Hospital (CA)
Queen of Angels/Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center (CA)
Rancho Springs Medical Center (CA) (06/15/99 – 01/13/01)
Redding Medical Center (CA) (06/15/99 – 07/16/04)
San Dimas Community Hospital (CA)
San Ramon Regional Medical Center (CA)
Santa Ana Hospital Medical Center (CA) (06/15/99 – 09/01/03)
Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center (CA)
St. Luke Medical Center (CA) (6/15/99 – 6/1/02)
Suburban Medical Center (CA)
Twin Cities Community Hospital (CA)
USC University Hospital (CA)
Western Medical Center Hospital Anaheim (CA)
Western Medical Center Santa Ana (CA)
Whittier Hospital Medical Center (CA) (6/15/99 – 11/1/04)

Thank you,
Board of Directors of We CAHRE

Julie Inouye
Executive Director
We CAHRE – Community Action for Healthcare Reform and Education
SOMH – Save Our Marina Hospital
[email protected]

4 thoughts on “Get your Hospital Lawsuit on”

  1. What is this even for? Is it serious, frivolous?

    I’m always skeptical when it comes to class-action lawsuits.

  2. Ah ha! It is frivolous! From their own site:

    Did the judge find Tenet Healthcare Corporation guilty?

    No. Tenet has vigorously denied and continues to vigorously deny all of the claims, denies any and all allegations of wrongdoing, and believes that the class action has no merit, they have agreed to enter into this Settlement to put to rest all controversy and to avoid further expense and burdensome, protracted and costly litigation which would be involved in defending this Class Action and any future actions, without in any way acknowledging fault or liability.

    This is more of the kind of idiotic stuff that contributes to the price of healthcare.

  3. A few years ago, I had double pnemonia and blood poisoning (you know, that condition that killed the Pope…). I was in the ICU at St. Lukes and those people literally saved my life.

    There ain’t no way I’m suing them.

  4. I was in the Midway Hospital in August 2000 for a Laparoscopic procedure and back in my room after surgery I had the best red deeeelicious apple OF MY LIFE! Seriously. I’ve never found an apple as sweet since then.

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