BikeSummer Los Angeles 2005

2005.jpg BikeSummer 2005 is starting up in LA at the moment — a series of spiffy cycling-related events promoting the best way to get from place to place EVAR. The first couple of events are this weekend.

Tomorrow (Friday) there’s a Critical Mass ride starting at 6 pm at the Wilshire and Western metro station plaza. On Sunday the 1st, Bike Out is holding a Trike Out event in Silverlake.

On the 8th is the Cinco de Mayo Noncompetitive Fun Tour “Celebrating Downtown L.A’s. Architectural Heritage,” which starts at 7 am at the Shrine. Details here. And there’s more going on all May.

There’s a BikeSummerBlog and a PDF newsletter.

Given the cost of gas at the moment, how can you *not* get on your bikes? ;)

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