Life on the other side of the fence

DSCN0122.jpgFrom the Heavy Trash website: “Most people want to live in communities that are safe for their families and most homeowners want to protect their property values. Although these are fundamentally reasonable goals, walling off one section of the city from another is not a reasonable way to achieve them. In fact, doing so can actually harm the very communities in need of protection.”

In order to draw attention to this Heavy Trash has installed a bunch of bright orange “viewing platforms” outside the walls of several gated communities so that the general public can observe what life is like inside of the walls. Their site is full or reasons these communities are bad and possible solutions to the problems. Very interesting indeed…

[via LA Blogs]

2 thoughts on “Life on the other side of the fence”

  1. I’ve been seeing the one on Los Feliz the last couple days on my way to work and was wondering what it was. Today I noticed someone had knocked it over, and I saw the Heavy Trash URL spray-painted on it. For the last couple days I figured it was some public works thing, but when I saw the “blogspot” URL, I began to wonder. Then I see this and it all makes sense :)

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