LA Bloggers plan to take out the Times

Plans were revealed last night and LA Voice has a great wrap up.

In short, by hating, fearing, loathing and dissing the L.A. Times so actively, they give the paper even more weight than it has, or should have.

But at the end of the day, the L.A. Times is just another media outlet in town, just another news source that you can choose to use, ignore or test against other sources. If bloggers devoted half the time they spend bitching about the L.A. Times to actually reporting on news and issues that matter to Los Angeles, the blogosphere would be a helluva lot more interesting and informative.

Here’s some other bloggers talking about the event. We here at are so down that we weren’t even invited!

5 thoughts on “LA Bloggers plan to take out the Times”

  1. This is why some of the bigger national blogs are so successful. They may dislike the NYT or Wash Post, et al, but they do cull information from all kinds of sources. Local bloggers ought to do the same. What better way to show the LAT is just a mouthpiece for a few elitists (Chicago, at that), than doing a good job at the important local issues. The Times doesn’t do local. It’s wide open for some crafty local blogger.

  2. The unfortunate thing is that I can’t accept anything I see in a blog as news. It has as much, if not greater, chance of being twisted based on the whims of the writers than a traditional news outlet.

    Blogs are nothing more than one person’s opinion in the end.

  3. I would say it has more of a chance, but that’s up front. With traditional news the story is being twisted but you don’t know the slant, it’s clear what the slant is on blogs.

    Personally, I trust blogs way more than traditional news outlets.

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