Los Angeles Photobloggers


Brooks e-mailed me this weekend about the launch of LosAngeles.PhotoBloggers.org. Unfrotunately I was able to blog about it as quick as I’d hoped, which might have been a good thing since it seems they had some trouble with the database over the weekend so it wouldn’t have been a very entertaining link. Brooks has the honor of not only being a great photographer, but of being one of the last people still running a blog on GreyMatter. He’s keeping it real. Anyway, the site is up now, and they are looking for contributions and stuff so if you are the camera carrying type go check this out.

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  1. Thanks Sean. It looks like we might even have our first meet-up at The Brewery Artwalk next month. Although I must admit that meeting interweb people in person scares me a bit.

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