IMing with the Star Wars Line

You probably already know that you cal give The Nerds a call at (323) 462-9609 but did you also know they are on AIM? Their IM name is LiningUp2005 and the converstaions you can have with them are riviting. Here’s a chat I had with them last night:

Sean Bonner: So what’s the haps at the line tonight?
about a minute with no response
Sean Bonner: really?
Sean Bonner: sounds exciting.
LiningUp2005: nothing much…’s fun to have imaginary conversations with yourself
Sean Bonner: If I didn’t know you guys loved me I’d totally think you were making fun of me with that last bit there
LiningUp2005: I’m kidding
Sean Bonner: ha ha ha
LiningUp2005: hahahah
LiningUp2005: hahahahahahaahahaha
Sean Bonner: ok, it’s not that funny
Sean Bonner: calm down there linesters
LiningUp2005: hehehe, ok.
LiningUp2005: what are you wearing?
Sean Bonner: A ninja outfit
LiningUp2005: damn, that’s hot.

Sean Bonner: oh yeah
LiningUp2005: I’m glad you think so too
Sean Bonner: it’s the black kind, with secret pockets and stuff
LiningUp2005: as opposed to what?
Sean Bonner: um, the white kind with secret pockets that snow ninjas wear, duh.
LiningUp2005: What kind of ninja outfit do they wear in space?
Sean Bonner: black ones with secret pockets and hidden air tanks and secret gravity boots and stuff
LiningUp2005: That’s pretty cool
Sean Bonner: yeah, well I’m giving away too many secrets here and I know you have a bunch of waiting to do so I’m going to take off now but I’ll talk to you later ok?
LiningUp2005: Yeah, we
Sean Bonner: ?
LiningUp2005: ‘ll se about that
LiningUp2005: heheh
LiningUp2005: hahahahahahaha
LiningUp2005: sorry
Sean Bonner: see about what? You don’t think I’ll talk to you later?
LiningUp2005: You never know…
LiningUp2005: life is a mystery
Sean Bonner: And by “you” of course I mean “The Line”
LiningUp2005: the line is a mystery too
Sean Bonner: not really
LiningUp2005: if only you knew
Sean Bonner: i think I know enough
LiningUp2005: that’s good

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  1. I’m just amazed that not a single reference to Jedi was anywhere in that convo…

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