Shaving…on a Weekend Afternoon


Brave LA friend Typefiend details probably the most disgusting thing one could ever casually discover (especially if you’re the store owner) – a big, nasty pile of hair on the ground. It was on Sawtelle near Olympic and could you possibly imagine anything more gross?

What could have possibly happened? Did Cousin It spontaneously combust? Did a hippie decide to shed his nasty locks? I mean, has the whole world gone crazy?!

My sincerest kudos to Typefiend for having the courage to document this and a hearty well-down to his special lady friend Emily who stood so close to it. Shiver.

6 thoughts on “Shaving…on a Weekend Afternoon”

  1. I’ve never quite understood why people find cut hair so disgusting. (Though I’m also inclined to make the ewww sound upon finding clumps of it.)

    When I was a little kid and my mother trimmed our hair, she’d usually throw the pile of it outside for the birds to use to line their nests.

  2. I don’t know, I can think of quite a few things more disgusting that I have seen lying on the street. I’m not sure hair is such a big deal.

  3. I don’t normally find cut hair or hair itself “gross” in general. It was really the sheer amount found in an unlikely place that was the surprise…like if Captain Lou Albano or the whole band of Winger had decided to get a haircut on a sidewalk. There was enough hair to create a few California condor nests.

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