A Free Lunch

While posting to get rid of some stuff, I found an interesting posting on craiglist.org:

A Topanga resident is offering specimens of invasive species Rattus rattus up as snake food. I’m not sure if it’s considered “having a heart” to trap rats and then send them off to be eaten, but I guess it’s all the circle of life. Of course if you don’t have a heart but do have a snake and think Topanga’s too far to go there are always lots of kittens looking for a home (I’m kidding!).

Other folks who have a heart include a person who’s found a bunch of bees in search of a new hive, maybe there’s someone out there with a lot of hungry spiders.

6 thoughts on “A Free Lunch”

  1. I used to live a couple houses down from a guy who did a snake show. When we would catch a mouse at our house I’d get a quarter to take it down there to him. -e;

  2. Well, considering the fact that Rattus rattus is most famously known as the variety of rats that brought the Bubonic Plague to Europe, which subsequently killed 1/3 of the continent’s population, I am okay with the fact that this person is feeding them to snakes.

    Turnabout is fair play.

  3. Ratus ratus isn’t indigenous to Europe. It’s originally from Asia. They migrated and brought the fleas with them from the Balkans. It’s the rats’ fault by God! Down with the black rat!

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