If You’re Hitting New York Soon…..

Weird coincidence….two of my LA based friends, who are also married to each other, both have plays running in NYC area. So while I was there last week, I caught both of them and was psyched at how good they were! Barry Primus, an actor and director (he directed the indie film “Mistress” with DeNiro a while back) has a play at the American Theater of Actors on 314 West 4th St. It’s called, “Wonder Comes the 7th Day”. It’s pretty funny and dark, about a common theme: a dysfunctunal family struggling to love each other. You can call 212-581-3044 for tickets if you’re gonna be in NY, it runs through May 20th.

Then there’s “Hair” directed and choreographed by Julie Arenal. Julie is a great friend of mine who I’ve also worked with a lot. She has choreographed lots of pieces I’ve either directed or produced and the great thing about her is her unusual take on things. She actually choreographed the original “Hair” on Broadway….which I never saw, so I was excited to see the show she re-staged which is playing in Bridgeport, CT. It was easy to get to via train from Grand Central, so I went for it. Even though it’s all about themes from the 60’s, it was still relevant and had an amazing cast and staging. It’s playing through May 22, call 203-576-1636.

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