Star Wars Line: In Person, Again!

greg-small.jpgBeing up late is awesome because you can get a bunch of work done, but awesomer because it allows you to just drop everything and go hang out with the Star Wars Nerds at the drop of a hat. Or an IM, or whatever. Last night J.Sto and I decided to do just that. At something like 2am. Until about 5am. We figured the Nerds would be sleeping and we’d have to go wake them up but it turns out they never sleep. Ever. Even the Nerd called Greg (pictured right) was only pretending to be sleeping but was actually spying and listening to every word we said. Unfortunately Elliot was not there, but many others were. Here’s what I learned (in the ever popular list format):

  1. The Nerds have a lifetime supply of Pepperidge Farm cookies.
  2. The Nerds would like to inform Ryan Seacrest that his pants are on fire. Apparently while buying receiving his walk of fame star he mentioned he was going to send pizza to the line. Guess what never showed up?
  3. The Nerd called 16 year old Frodo has mad dancing skillz.
  4. There are rumors of video proof of said mad skillz.
  5. The cops think it’s funny to drive by and make Darth Vader breathing noises on their loud speakers.
  6. The Nerds, not so much.
  7. There are a surprising number of (non-homeless looking) people walking around on Hollywood Blvd in the middle of the night.
  8. The Nerds insist they all have individual opinions rather than having one collective thought, I’m not convinced.
  9. Miss Congeniality billboards are great for projecting movies on.
  10. Plan B is not popular with the parking lot Nerds. Not to be confused with the Tent Nerds or Shelter Nerds.
  11. Beware of the tents when you are talking very loud at 4 am – there are probably grumpy Nerds in the tents and they hate your guts. Or mine anyway.
  12. Jessica is totally not getting credit for her dodgeball suggestion.
  13. It’s far colder than you think it is.
  14. To keep warm, there are scheduled ‘Tron’ viewings and all night Star Wars Stratego.
  15. OK, I’m just kidding about the all night Stratego.
  16. Or am I?
  17. Someone with amazing wit put up a bunch of stickers all around the block. I have no idea who this might be.

More action packed photos are online here, enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “Star Wars Line: In Person, Again!”

  1. That’s awesome! Caryn is certainly more understanding than my wife. “Honey, I’m going down to Hollywood from 2-5 am with a woman I met online…”

  2. Jessica is like, a teenager so I think she counts as non-threatening to wives. That’s a rule somewhere.

  3. Seriously, I don’t care who Sean is with just as long as I don’t have to go out at 2am to hang out with nerds in the Star Wars line!

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