Big Slick’s own Wil Wheaton is in Las Vegas playing in the World Poker Tour. I’ve been following the action at and he is currently in SEVENTH PLACE with $180,000 in tournament chips. Just to put that in perspective, Doyle Brunson is in 86th place with $40,000, Tobey McGuire is in 47th place with $100,000 and Scotty Nguyen in only 4 places ahead of Wil. HOLY SHIT. GO WIL.

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  1. A few more numbers:

    – The tournament started Monday with 462 players. As of about 5PM Wednesday, 228 players remain (hopefully with Wil still among them).

    – Wil started the day in 272 place out of 344 players with a chip count of 37.375. So, as of the last chip count, he moved up considerably. Well done!

    To be in 7th position well into what is technically the second day of a multi-day tournament with about half the field eliminated is quite a good spot. However, there are a lot of extremely good poker players in the mix on that list, so I will add here as has been said here before…

    Go, Wil!

  2. reports:

    Annie Duke eliminates Wil Wheaton

    Ten minutes after being crippled when an opponent hit trip queens against his pocket kings, Wheaton pushed his last 15k in with pocket kings (again!). Duke called with AK and spiked the ace.

    Ataki adds:

    That’s a rough way to go out in 215th. It sounds like he got his money in with the best of it and ended up with the worst of it twice, and that’s all it took. That’s poker. Well played, though, so congratulations at least on that level to Wil.

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