Anyone seen my car keys?


OK, I know that joke was bad but I haven’t had any coffee today so give me a break. This car covered in keyboard keys was spotted somewhere in Hollywood. Is it just me or does there seem to be more of these cars that people have covered with crap on our streets here in LA than other cities? Mabe not but I’ve certainly seen a bunch of these things around recently.

10 thoughts on “Anyone seen my car keys?”

  1. Hopefully this person tips well at the car wash.

    Although I think that Los Angeles might have a competitor on the art car per capita race. They parade these things around in Houston, as seen here.

  2. Cars with “things” on them are good or at least interesting…just so long as these cars passed emissions tests (which in some cases may be a long shot :)

  3. Okay, I feel some iner-metblog rivalry coming on: I’d argue that SF is the capital of random-shit-glued-to-car-dom.

    Houston, LA, I’ll start snapping pictures if you do . . . .

  4. As Katie said, that’s actually the SECOND car covered in keyboard keys that I’ve seen in Los Angeles. How weird is that?

    The other one sleeps somewhere around Los Feliz and work(s?) at Colorado Plaza (26th and Colorado in Santa Monica). I have not seen it for a while, it seemed like it was stalking me, since I sleep & work at the same places!

    By the looks of the keys, they came off old dedicated terminals and/or teletype machines (Wikipedia ), not your average 101 keyboard normally found tethered to a PC.

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