Nerd Potluck!

I just got an IM from someone claiming to be Greg from the Star Wars Line inviting us’ers to a Dessert Potluck at the line this Saturday at 6PM. Desserts only, because Nerds only eat pizza and dessert and have had their fill of pizza. At first I thought this was nice of them to extend the olive branch like that (do they have olive branches on degobah?), inviting us to hang with them at the line and eat their desserts and then the other shoe dropped…

“ps – tell them not to bring any sabotaged desserts lol”

Who? Us? Sabotaging desserts???


OK, maybe.

I explained that it’s not a pot luck unless there’s some luck involved but he didn’t seem convinced. Then I said I’d see if Jessica wanted to go to and he said they already invited her. Not only that, it turns out they have agreed to make it in her honor and have promised her a throne and rapping frodo-nerdo dude. WTF is that all about?

So I asked what about us? What are we, chopped liver? Turns out, yes, that’s about right. Figures.

Anyway, the invite is there and the potluck should start at 6PM and run until “the wee hours” which translated from Nerd means about 8:15PM. Yes the pot luck will take place out on the sidewalk in front of Graumans where the line still is. In anticipation, I’m going to go drop off a box of twinkies at Arclight.

UPDATE: Uh oh… Jessica is requiring the Nerds to sign a contract for her appearance. Will they do it??

4. One sweet banner reading ìAll Hail Princess Jessica Mae Stover: As Pretty as Leia, but Totally More Awesomeî must be positioned above venue during the banquet.

5. Jessica Mae Stoverís obligations are subject to detention or prevention by act of The Force, sickness, accident, means of transportation, natural catastrophes, clone wars, riots, strikes, or any other cause beyond Jessica Mae Stoverís control.

6. Nerds to provide a lighting system capable of making Jessica Mae Stover look really pretty. Note: In times of daylight, the sun may be substituted for a lighting system.

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12 thoughts on “Nerd Potluck!”

  1. I thought they had 200 (or whatver the made up figure is this week) in line. Are they really that desperate for friends that they want everyone to show up?

    I mean that’s really pathetic.

  2. The fans you speak of are indeed nerds, but at least they can spell “dessert” properly. Humorous entries lose all of their cuteness when the reader starts to feel sorry for the writer’s intelligence. Then, instead of chuckling at a clever sarcastic post, our minds wander to thoughts of how you made it through school, what other grammatical errors do you slide into whilst spouting your wit, and why do you think you’re better than the geeks? Maybe instead of dropping off those Twinkies at the Arclight you might just drop by the Sylvan Learning Center and take a class or two. Or maybe just check your work?

  3. Since I didn’t get a chance to visit The Line when I was down blogging LA this past week, I think I’ll go ahead and still cover this story at the Loews Metreon here in San Francisco.

    Since the line isn’t there and neither is the movie.

  4. I’m gonna laugh if by “potluck,” they mean, “you bring all the desserts.”

    P.S.: Sean, the typo is in the last line of the first paragraph.

  5. Is there anything more annoying than a pompous nerd? If there is, science has yet to discover it. Why does he think he is better? He’s not waiting in line for a month for a movie he already has tickets to.

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