Life Vs. Reality

Does everyone want to be famous?
Lately Iíve been inundated by people who think their lives are so stunning, that they should have a show that chronicles their daily existence. And Iím not sure why this dismays me so much. One of the downsides of my job as a producer and writer for TV, is that almost everyone I meetÖIím not kidding, it astounds meÖeveryoneÖ has something they want to make a show of or be the star of. Iíll give you an example. I was doing a semi-scripted reality show recently and we were featuring a girl who wanted some plastic surgery as part of the storyline. So we followed her trek through interviewing three plastic surgeons. Every single one of them privately pulled me aside and either gave me a script or had a separate meeting with me to pitch a show. That they were the star of. Yikes. And I seriously worried that if I didnít listen and support their idea (at least while we were filming) that they might not do as good a job for this woman who was a potential patient. Like, if I said, dude, that is a STUPID idea for a show, she might not get great tits!
And it goes on and on. From my brother to my dentist (and I sure donít want to alienate him while heís got my mouth wrenched open) everyone is selling an idea.

Wait a minute!!!! Isnít that what us bloggers do! Just on a different scale?
Yeah, now thereís a reality show.

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  1. Two words: Anthony Zuiker

    Good ideas can come from anywhere–besides, isn’t it great having an LA cliche come true, right before your eyes? Of course, everyone has a script, a story, a show.

  2. In addition:
    ” I was doing a semi-scripted reality show recently and we were featuring a girl who wanted some plastic surgery as part of the storyline”

    Isn’t this downside enough? This alone sounds like one of Hell’s less attractive rungs.

  3. I get that too and it’s not like I’m Jeff Zucker. When I worked at a record label it was 100 times worse. Everyone from my hairdresser to the cable guy to some asshole that I used to ride the bus with in Jr. High was trying to shove their shitty music down my throat. Again, not like I was Clive Davis or anything.

  4. Okay, but like, I really DO have a great idea for a reality show. I really know my shit, and I’m POSITIVE it would be a hit. I mean, it involves college kids, New York, deadlines, love affairs, Napolean Dynamite-like characters, etc.

    But, you won’t catch me pitching that shit here. ‘Cause 1)I have slightly more tact that that, and 2)The idea would be stolen in a hot second.

  5. Zuiker at least had some skill at writing and had sold a script before he started on C.S.I. Who knows what kind of credentials these doctors have.

    If you’re gonna do a reality show about bloggers, can it be about Koganuts? After all, he’s the guy with the rockstar lifestyle, hanging out with pornstars 24/7.

  6. Sorry…porn stars are so over as reality subjects. All they do is fuck. No in depth conversations, no mystique, no competitions! Geez where’s the drama?

  7. And still Hollywood manages to shovel the same homogenized, lowest-common-denominator, copycat crap down our throats on every television station (except….maybe…HBO) and movie theater on a daily basis.

    With all these scripts going around, you’d think there’d be a little more variety. ;-) Personally, I think your post reeks of entitlement and I’m not totally impressed. You were obviously one of those guys at some point in your life when you wanted to “break in.”

    I spent one of the most BORING nights of my life at an “industry” Christmas party last year with many well known TV producers (I am NOT in fact in the “industry”. I make games for a living). These people are frigging inept retards from what I’ve been able to surmise given my 3 hours of standing there, trying to pretend I’m not bored while my date went around shmoozing. Needless to say, that’s the last date I had with that one. ;-)

  8. Yeah…I thought about that Mr. Hahaha, that whole entitlement thing….because seriously…I’m grateful to be working….and yes, I needed breaks from LOTS of people to get to where I am. (Which sometimes seems nowhere). I’m talking more about people who already have a chosen profession, yet assume that they can create, produce and star in a show. I guess it’s just sometimes overwhelming that EVERYONE wants to be on TV. I mean if I trained as a heart surgeon and a novelist came up to me and said hey, I’d like to take a stab at opening up that chest cavity, I’d think, baby you’re sooooo not gonna do that. Being in the game biz, you have to relate….

  9. Speaking of which, Fred Durst is getting a reality/talk show:

    “Limp Bizkit lead singer Fred Durst is developing a television program that will mix reality TV with a talk show, according to Variety. Durst and a team of producers are working on the program, which is tentatively titled ‘My Life With Fred Durst.’ The weekly, one-hour show will combine celebrity interviews with reality-style glimpses into Durst’s career and personal life.”

    Oy vey:

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