Late night coffee?

And by late I mean, 3am or so. All my favorite places are closed long before that so I was looking around on the internets and found this link to a few places that might foot the bill. This place sounds promising. Anyone have any other suggestions in Silver Lake to West Hollywood area where a guy can get his late night java fix?

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  1. That might be an old list — Coffee House closed down a few years ago, I believe… for 24 hour service in Los Feliz/Silver Lake, Fred 62 is always a good standby.

  2. Bossa Nova (near LaBrea on Sunset) is open til 4am most nights and serves an excellent cup of joe, not to mention Black Bean Soup.

    What about the Brite Spot in Silver Lake…isn’t that open 24 hours?

    There’s also a 24 hour internet cafe that serves coffee in Eagle Rock. I can’t remember the name of it, but I’m sure you can figure it out quickly via google.

    …and if you aren’t picky, McDonalds and AMPM actually serve decent coffee. 24 hour McDonalds on Ave. 26 and Figueroa near Dodgers Stadium and I believer there’s a 24 hour one on Sunset/Cesar Chavez and Fig.

  3. Man, I have the same problem. Stir Crazy on Melrose near La Brea stays open pretty late, though not usually ’til 3AM. Insomnia on Beverly is open until 2 or so, and I think they have free WiFi.

    Have you been to Nova Express on Fairfax south of Melrose? They’re open until 4 (used to be 5 I think), and they’re much more of an actual coffee shop than some of the restaurants that have been suggested. Plus, they have a huge ass display of Eighties toys and big fiberglass aliens. And good pizza.

  4. Probably not geographically desireable but for 24-hour joe there’s also The Pantry downtown at Fig and 9th… and isn’t Pacific Dining Car on 6th Street supposedly open 24 hours?

  5. There’s reportedly a 24 hour Starbucks (I’m imaging that I’m going to get pelted with rocks or even tiny pebbles for even mentioning them) in the San Fernando Valley, but I haven’t been able to figure out which one it is (I’m sure it’s just a process of elimination, heh).

  6. 24 hour places near me – Bob’s Big Boy in Toluca Lake, Poster’s Donuts in Toluca Lake, McDonald’s on Lankershim and Riverside (I’ll never eat McD’s though).

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