blurring the line…

Apparently, NBC is considering giving blogs to its most prominent news anchors. Here is the story from Yahoo News:

NBC Chief Mulls Blogs for Top News Anchors

This is an interesting blurring of a line which has been pretty clearly drawn in the sand by mainstream media. News anchors blogging? Will it serve as another media outlet or will it be a true blog maintained by the actual anchor. Will Katie Couric make her own entries and have comments or will it be NBC sanctioned news in blog format? I’m curious.

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  1. This is fairly surprising. Considering network news tries it’s hardest to dodge the “leftist” label, giving their news anchors an open mic to give their views is probably not the smartest thing they could do.

    If I were in charge I certainly wouldn’t let their posts go out unedited, assuming it was on the company servers.

  2. At one point, there were three blogs at KCAL 9 that were written by on-air personalities: Josh Rubenstein, Alan Mendelsohn, and I think one of the anchors (whose name I can’t recall offhand, sorry), but the only one I can seem to find now is Josh’s:

    Josh even mentions L.A. Observed in his second-to-last entry as being one of his favorite blogs.

  3. Puhlease – they’ll blog like legislator’s blog: via staff flunkies and interns.

    (Restatement: legislator’s should blog via staff flunkies and interns. Staffers should want them to. No Staffer wants his or her boss to have unfettered, on-the-record avenues of outreach 24-hours a day. I’ve met few legislators disciplined enough not to sink themselves and their ability to lead via such things.)

    It’s an example of the MSM jumping on a bandwagon without really getting it. Remember the Democratic National Convention – it was all “oooh, MSNBC has people blogging, look at us, look at us!”

    Did it matter? No, not really. I didn’t read them – and most people didn’t. At the end of the day, they’re just websites. So what if ABC has a new page on their site?

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