Star Wars Nerds Dupe us all

I’m still trying to recover from last weeks bomboshell that the Nerds in line at Graumans bought Arclight tickets but it seems this isn’t the least of their scams. It looks like they are telling people they want some pizza and that they need pizza and to bring them pizza but in fact, they already have pizza! Yes, it’s true, and Jessica Stover (who has joined our righteous quest to inform the world about the Nerds), who brought pizza to the line waiters last week is feeling quite taken advantage of. She says:

I was getting to know the Alpha Nerd by reading her blog to understand just how much she hates Wil Wheaton and loves the Bible when I came upon this:

Friday, April 08, 2005 — Courtesy of a TOTALLY AWESOME Detroit radio station we are getting PIZZA delivered to the line.

Oh what the fuck.

They already had pizza? Damn those nerds! I’ve been duped!

I also found out that The Empire Strikes Back played at the Egyptian this weekend. It wasn’t publicized, so of course I didn’t know about the screening. But guess who went? Yep, all of the nerds. And did they e-mail me, their new friend, to tell me about it? Hell no.

How you gonna play a ninja like that, nerds? I thought we were pals. I thought I was totally breeching your inner circle of nerdom. I was hoping expecting to be let into your Jedi rituals. I mean, you gave me the number to your secret phone line, for Yoda’s sake! Does that mean nothing to you? Nothing?! I guess all I am to you is a free pizza. I just need to know one thing: Did you… Sorry this is just really hard for me– Did you… let someone else answer your phone? No! Don’t tell me! I’m better off not knowing.

Apparently, the nerds want Star Wars all to themselves. I phoned my so-called new “friends” to confront them on the matter…

She’s got the transcript of the phone call on her site and it’s shocking to say the least. Unfortunately it seems that she didn’t read BoingBoing before making the call, otherwise she would have known about this awesome Darth Vader helmet and chestplate that changes your voice to sound just like Dart Vader’s which would have been endlessly useful for such a confrontational phone call.

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7 thoughts on “Star Wars Nerds Dupe us all”

  1. I love how ‘net nerds love to sneer and ridicule sci-fi nerds. It’s like Nerd Class-ism.

  2. that’s quite an informative site that the alpha nerd has there. however i think “first mormon to write romantic harry potter fan fiction” is much more distinct than “eleventh in line”. i recommend that as her new site title.

    (and since these things seem to be taken far too seriously, i’d like to point out that i mean no disrespect to mormons or harry potter fans, and only a little to fan fiction writers. it’s just such an unusual combination.)

  3. Let’s see the Star Wars Nerds are:

    1) Liars — they say that they have been in deep discussions with Arclight, when in fact the management threw them a bone at the last minute without any prior discussion.

    2) Scammers/ Con Artists /Thiefs — They get strangers to buy them food acting like they are starving when they already have food. They all have money to buy their own food, but scam people instead.

    3) Hypocrites — They tell the media that they will never accept seeing Star Wars at the Arclight because it has crappy sound and screen. Then secretly, they buy tickets.

    4) Jerks — They buy tickets to Arclight before the general public can, screwing 400 people who normally would have gotten a ticket. The arclight deserves to be derided for doing that.

    5) Users — They use a charity angle to prevent them from being kicked off the street.

    Yep, Liningup nerds give even nerds a bad name.

  4. Would love to hear what the peeps in line who bought Arclight tix have to say for themselves.

    Also, the Arclight sucks for letting them buy tix. If I were the Arclight, I would have said the only way we’ll give you tix early is if you bring the line to the Arclight.

    Oh well, the Arclight continues to disappoint me…

  5. You know what arclight’s initial response to them moving the line over was?


    They don’t want them out there, it looks bad.

    And never mind that Lucas kind of pressured us into offering them tickets as well. He doesn’t want them completely screwed over. And you never know, they may give several hundred of them back.

  6. “Would love to hear what the peeps in line who bought Arclight tix have to say for themselves.”

    The block of tickets was bought by a single line representative who was in contact with with the theater, with only a few hours notice even to the rest of us. Many didn’t yet know what had happened, well after it happened. This representative made the decision (in the best interest of the group) and bought the tickets with his personal money. Even now, they are his own tickets, to do with as he wills.

    Currently, no line member has one of these tickets in hand. How many people will claim the Arclight tickets, in the end, is up in the air.

    So, the peeps in line who bought Arclight tix can’t really say anything, because, in a way, those people don’t really exist.

    The only reason I have 15 tickets in hand is because I got down there on ticket day and bought them like anyone else.

  7. “The block of tickets was bought by a single line representative who was in contact with with the theater, with only a few hours notice even to the rest of us.”

    Is this another ROUGUE MEMBER lie — like the previous one who stated that they were going to force the sick children to march in front of the Chinese theater until Lucas shows the movie there? C’mon — this guy is in charge of the line and is obviously one of their leaders. Of course, they don’t have leaders and are really a hippie commune if you believe their propoganda.

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