5 thoughts on “Bunny McIntosh takes LA”

  1. It’s “Georgia.”

    I know you Californians don’t think anything exists outside of CA and NY… ;-)

  2. Blame that more on my illiteracy than on Californians not knowing about GA. For what it’s worth I spent many years in Gainesville Florida and have fond memories of driving up to King Frog in Adel, GA for cheep gas and boiled peanuts as well as awesome vegan food and punk rock records in Atlanta.

  3. Heh, that would have been a great publicity shot.

    Ah yes, I miss the boiled peanuts on the way home from Mobile, AL to see the in-laws. Mostly I miss the BBQ, but there is a place in downtown LA that claims to have “Memphis-style BBQ.” As a Memphis native, I give it a “A for California”, “C for Memphis”.

  4. Heh… I just got back from visiting a friend in Atlanta, and had to go on a crusade to find Boiled Peanuts. After only a 3 hour ‘exploration’, we were successful!

    hmmm… sean… a former Gator? I miss the Purple Porpoise :(

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