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OK, since this info was posted in the comments on these posts I’m assuming it’s public and repeatable. If you, like many of the people who have been posting comments (including what seems to be ArcLight employees) are annoyed by the fact that the lineruppers who have been openly and loudly criticizing the ArcLight got first dibs for tickets to the first public showing of Star Wars ‘Revenge Of The Sith’ then the person you want to talk to is Wendell who is reachable at 323-464-1465, apparently you need to punch in 115 as soon as you hear a voice on that line. It seems that there’s a (slight?) chance some of those tickets might be returned and will need new homes. You know what they say about the squeaky droid getting the oil bath.

4 thoughts on “Arclight Contact Info”

  1. Someone miffed that they didn’t get their Dome ticket? I have rows DD and EE in my pocket. I may or may not be keeping them, I haven’t decided yet. Cheers!

  2. Any extras from the block of 450 will be face value. But the tickets in my pocket were bought by me, personally, of my own accord by actually showing up at the Arclight on ticket day. I am a “professional” when it comes to lining up for movie tickets, after all!

  3. Go to eBay and do a search for “Star Wars Los Angeles”

    I wonder whats going to be going on with those 500 tickets your not using.

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