Walk! Los Angeles with Her

If you see someone walking on the streets of LA this summer, it might be Lisa Salem – an artist who has decided to leave her house in Echo Park and not return until she’s traversed the city. Her site Walk! Los Angeles With Me has the details – starting May 15th, she’s going to be pushing a babystroller with a digital video camera attached, broadcasting videoblog footage on a WalkLA VBlog. Thanks to San Francisco-based media activist Steve Rhodes for the notice.

9 thoughts on “Walk! Los Angeles with Her”

  1. Wow, who knew that Watts was the southernmost point in L.A.? Keep walking, asshole. (Not you, Justin.)

  2. i dont get this art project at all. i mean, because someone walks in la and leaves her car, her tv, and preconceptions to actually WALK in la, its art? welcome to my world and rest fo la that commutes. and she wants us to donate $20 to help her “walk in la”?? christ, i should set up a fucking donate button on my livejournal page, help me live by donating $20, because my life is art. sigh… i wish it was that easy.

    i guess she is a genius for actually getting it to go through though. but honestly, its funny how the gentrified view walking in la something unheard of. let alone not watching the television.

    yeah, $5 for a your fucking starbucks, thats what ill donate for. so you can get your soy latte fix. right.

  3. Oh, joy–we can pay her health insurance. There was/is a guy in NYC who crawled from Harlen to Wall Street, I believe, as a conceptual art piece. But this person just seems to think that if she’s breathing, it’s art. I mean, after all–her paintings have been in a movie!

  4. Let’s see, Phill’s slammed her as an “asshole,” Shane’s dismissed her project as irrelevant and ridiculous, and Grace called her weird.

    Sure, everybody’s entitled to be a critic, but I say DO YOUR THING walking lady. It sounds like an interesting concept that may yield some interesting insights into life in L.A.

  5. I think its an interesting concept…I think that she probably needed to consult with a few people to see how it would play when she started to ask for money.

    But what is she “getting away with?” Maybe getting people to give her money for walking LA is the answer :)

    Conventional wisdom says she is going to take a bunch of video of familiar scenes and basically talk to “Nobody” (see Missing Persons, early 80’s). But, maybe her “art” will negate the culture behind the great lyrical insights of said band and get more people out walking the streets of LA.

    However, I’d settle for more walking in Burbank or walking in West Hollywood or walking in Downtown or walking in Studio City…no need to hit the whole spread!

  6. Ok, I’m a transplant to LA, and this (along with the wacky Star Wars Line), epitomizes the bizareness of this city. I suppose I just wonder who on earth is actually going to tune in to watch this?

    Of course, I can’t say too much about strange things. The Memphis mayor has been elected using votes from dead people for years and never brought up on charges…

  7. Interesting that she’s skipping Lincoln Heights, Boyle Heights and El Sereno. As someone who has had to walk through these neighborhoods while taking the train to and from work, I can tell you that walking late at night (and even at times in broad daylight) I’ve been followed by dogs, chased by dogs, hounded by homies, been the victim of several attempted muggings in Chinatown and been harassed, hassled, propositioned, nearly kidnapped and heckled. People don’t realize that most of the reason why Angeleno’s don’t take public transport isn’t because they aren’t good citizens. It’s because it’s often not safe for even the toughest of us to walk from place to place.

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