The Chinese (or Arclight) or Bust!

Not since Darth Vader was revealed to be Luke’s father has a piece of news sent ripples across the known world like yesterday’s announcment that half the tickets for opening night at The Dome have been sold to the Nerds in line at Graumans. Of course, not even this is without controversy. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. For more than a week now many Nerds have been screaming “The Chinese or nothing!”
  2. Turns out “or nothing” really meant “or The Arclight”
  3. Yesterday morning the Nerds bought some 400 tickets to the first showing of Episode III at the Dome @ Arclight before the general public had access to those tickets.
  4. They continue to wait at Graumans, claiming the Arclight tickets are “Plan B”
  5. The People question the Nerds about their ability to spend thousands of dillas on a “Plan B”
  6. Nerds respond “These are not the questions you want to be asking”
  7. The People forget they asked.
  8. The Nerds continue to talk smack about Arclight even after buying the tickets
  9. The Nerds claim they’ve been talking to Arclight for weeks about this and were promised a week to consider options but instead were given 3 hours
  10. Secret Arclight employees suggest the Nerds are full of crap and Arclight only decided yesterday to throw the Nerds a bone
  11. Nerds are not happy with suggestions of bone throwage and stamp their feed angrily from their unflinching position in front of Graumans
  12. Tickets at Arclight go on sale to the General public and sell out in minutes
  13. The Peoeple ask “What happens to the Nerds Arclight tickets if the movie does get a screening at the Chinese?”
  14. Nerds reply “Um.. Dunno?”
  15. The People start to get pissed that they weren’t able to buy tickets to the movie at Arclight because they were sold ahead of time to people who don’t want to see the movie at Arclight

And that’s where we are at this moment kids. Rest assued the moment any little insignificant piece of info pops up one of us will be sure to tell you all about it.

6 thoughts on “The Chinese (or Arclight) or Bust!”

  1. What hypocrites? There are plenty of people in the group who were eagerly awaiting their Dome tickets, and plenty of people who will not be accepting the Dome tickets. This isn’t over yet. ;)

  2. Let’s see — since you are so blind to your own hypocrasy — you tell the media and post everywhere that “It’s the chinese or bust.” Then you make a secret deal with the Arclight which you guys have totally dissed on your messageboard as being unacceptible. Hypocracy? Yes. Are you still fucking nuts? Hell, yes.

  3. You are still operating under the assumption that a group of a couple hundred people are speaking with the same voice.

  4. Got it. There is no leadership of Liningup and holocoust in Germany never happened. Did I miss anything? Roger Roger.

  5. Got it.

    So, there is no “leadership” of liningup and the holocaust in WW2 never happened.

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