Privacy? What’s that?

I only mention this here because it seems like specifically here in Los Angeles some people might have a bit of a problem with a new site called Zabasearch. Basically you can look up anyone, and buy background checks on them for $40. Very detailed background checks. But forget that, for free they give you their address and phone number. Combine that with the info you can get off of IMDB (or google maps)and you can find anyone in this town you want. Need some producers phone number so you can try to pitch your screenplay? They are all on there. Want some actor’s autograph? Just look up their home address and swing by. Want to go yell at a local politician about a stupid bill they are pushing? Everything you need is on this site. For free.

Yes, this makes me very uncomfortable.

10 thoughts on “Privacy? What’s that?”

  1. I’d be a lot more worried if I could actually click on any of the so-called links that come up in my browser when I tested it out.

    Still, way creepy. They’re *spamming* peeps with this offer!

  2. well they coudn’t find me (not that I am bragging I am relieved I guess going into the WPP helped) but I did find relatives…this is way to much freakin invasion.

  3. Actually gives home addys for a surprising number of show-biz types. As does lexis-nexis.

  4. Zuba’s database is kinda weird, and doesn’t provide the same accuracy that a Lexis Nexis search does.

    While it is kinda worrying with who could get your information, remember that it’s just about all public information, and available from other sources if you know where to look. Just because it’s all in one spot doesn’t mean it’s necessarly bad, or unique.

    It’s easier and cheaper to follow someone home, or social engineer someone close to them to get personal data. This kind of stuff is out there, the best idea is to know who has it and how to get it.

  5. hi

    is there any way you can take your name off of these sites…lexis nexis, zaba, fundrace, etc?


  6. damn, gina. my post was rejected for containing “inappropriate material”. wtf? no cursing, no social security numbers or security breaches that i know of. btw, my name was misspelled and my dob is wrong on the aforementioned site.

  7. Zabasearch (AKA peopledata, lists personal/private information such as street addresses, unlisted/listed phone numbers, birth year, maps how to get to your house, satellite photos of people’s homes, your family’s address/data, etc in USA) seems to be an invasion of mine and your privacy (it is definitely unethical to post peoples addresses and other personal data). I know that these are public records and that ZabbaSearch are not to blame (businesses and government are to blame for leaking this data), but people do not know that if you even simply register to vote or request to join the army/military in USA, you name/address/telephone are made public information (muti billion dollar industry selling our private info) without you having to sign a consent form or without asking permission! Even where you buy a domain name (lease actually, no single person actually owns a domain name, even Bill Gates does not own Microsoft), your address, name and telephone number are added to public records that anyone with an internet connection can retrieve this data to harrass you or even SPAM you (don’t forget that deranged cyberstalkers can find you now)! Other places Zaba get’s YOUR private data may be from county records, state records, court records, info becomes publicly available after you buy a new house, go to the post office and file for a change of address form, etc (data gets sold to info brokers on the open market)! I think all Americans should make a class action law suit against this type of crime which businesses and gov’t are doing!

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