Night Out in the Valley

bowling041605.jpgEarlier tonight, while I bet the rest of you were off doing classier things, my friend Dan and I went to check out Pickwick Bowl for the Friday night Music-N-Motion party. Bowling in the dark to loud pop tunes is great if you’re a bad bowler, because there are a million distractions to use as excuses for your pitiful score. I was excited to see that Saturday nights at Pickwick are Electric Fog Bowling (electricity and fog and bowling, united at last!), until I asked a worker and found out that it’s the same as Fridays only they add a smoke machine.

Dan kicked my ass at bowling, but I felt better once we visited the cocktail lounge and I drank a Bud Light out of a bottle shaped like a bowling pin. They also had pinball (Ripley’s Believe it or Not and Harley Davidson) and a bunch of other video games. After I lost every possible game and Dan finished off my snack bar french fries, I made my first ever 360-degree, panoramic QTVR, which includes a peek inside the janitor’s closet I didn’t realize I was standing next to until it appeared on the LCD screen.

2 thoughts on “Night Out in the Valley”

  1. Looks like fun. I’m thinking that should be the site of our next get-together!

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