Comedy protest!

I know that the hoopla (that’s right, I said hoopla) surrounding the Star Wars geeks lining up at the wrong theater has been all over the place lately, so you may have missed another smaller, yet equally compelling protest in another part of town. People are lining up in protest… for comedy.

You see, there’s a kickass show opening up at the ACME Comedy Theatre tonight called “ACME: A Day in the Life”. Die-hard comedy fans have been lining up in anticipation for the show for weeks now. Problem is, they’ve been lining up at the wrong theater. Sound familiar?

These comedy geeks were told weeks ago that the show would be held at ACME, not at the Groundlings where they were camped out. But our die-hard comedy fans wouldn’t give up! No, they decided to stay put where they were as an act of protest, in hopes that the show’s producer would change his mind and move the opening. Alas, the show has not, I repeat, NOT been moved, and will open at ACME tonight.

So please, dear readers, head over to ACME at 135 N. La Brea tonight at 8 PM to catch the show. If you’re lined up elsewhere at the time of the opening, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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