What’s Wrong With This Picture?

I may lack the long-term residency cred to groan so loudly whenever my neighborhood is misrep’d or whitewashed, but despite such short tenure here (a scant two years), I nevertheless got a little proprietarily bent in discovering sanitized stuff like his two-page print ad for Nissan found in front of the current issue of Tennis magazine:


Titled “Fishing in Silverlake, Los Angeles, 9:14 AM,” the serene street scene first shows me a prototypical multi-culti hipster couple loading up their gentrifying Nissan Murano with the catch of the day (be sure to note the ubiquitous messenger bag draping the dude ó that so always happens when shopping too early in the morning for now-and-wow light fixtures).

Next I recognize the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Hyperion Avenue right there in the heart of Sunset Junction, but then I’m thinking 9:14… when ó maybe Central Time? Because at that hour any day of the week that slice of Silver Lake is neither that dim nor that void of life. Finally I realize that I should be seeing a background featuring the colorful Casbah coffee house that exists on the corner, and the Den of Antiquity furniture shop next to it, but instead I’m looking at a backdrop that some Photoshopping designer has blanded into a vision of flavorless establishments they’ve called “Cafe Cafe” and “Mid Century something.” They’ve even taken out the curbside trees!

Fishing in Silver Lake? Throw this one back.

8 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

  1. Ah Robert, what can I say. I’m a U.S. Tennis Association lifer… the mag comes with the membership.

    And Michelle, I get that same irrattion when it’s the ample portrayal of false parking. :)

  2. p.s. You know that’s not accurate, unless those lamps are covered with crud, pulled from the thrift store, and marked up 500%.

  3. Cindy, sizing down the scan of the ad makes it lose detail. In the full-sized ad her shirt reads “Don’t Crowd! We’re Multi-Culti Proud!”

    Seriously? It’s an ASSumption. From my perspective he looks white as the creamy filled senter of a Twinkie; she doesn’t. Thus my sarcasmo usage of the term.

  4. Don’t be so bitchy about the photoshopped businesses. As a studio artist in a design shop, I have to deal with this stuff all the time. The advertiser has to change the names because if you keep the real names the busineses either a) jack the company for tens of thousands of dollars, or b) sue them for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    The parking thing tho, you’re right on the money.

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