Strange Bedfellows, Again

So mayoral challenger Villaraigosa picked up former mayor challenger Bob Hertzberg’s endorsement yesterday – which, given turnout in our fair city (meaning it’s a high-propensity voter’s world out there), probably means more than Magic Johnson’s thumbs-up for the former Assembly Speaker.

Hertzberg and Villaraigosa used to be political bedfellows – well, political roomfellows – sharing Sacramento digs when they were in the legislature. Then they became at-odds-fellows after a power struggle over the speakership. I guess a common cause can heal all wounds – or at least slap a big enough band-aid on them so the blood clots until after election day.

I’m still, you may have notice, from San Pedro, so I got a hometown pony in this race still . . . . but it seems uphill all the way for Hahn at this point.

I’d love to have been a fly on the wall of the Hertzberg-Villaraigosa endorsement negotiations. “Antonio, I still think you suck, and if I ever say you so much as put a dish in the dishwasher . . . ” “Bob, come on, you wanted to beat him too, and the roomie schtick is getting old – don’t you dare hug me right now, I’m trying to make a point here!”

Villaraigosa has won the political trifecta of endorsements from the big three former challengers. He still has to finish the race, though.

And: L.A. Observed has a great “Scene” from the endorsement announcement.

4 thoughts on “Strange Bedfellows, Again”

  1. Man… at this point I’m thinking I’m just going to write-in Xeni Jardin for mayor.

  2. Xeni?! For Mayor!?!?!

    You know, that’s crazy enough that it just might work. Think it’s a meme we could get to spread?

  3. It might be uphill , but we will make it. We shall fight in the air , on the land , in the sea and on the beaches , we shall never never surrender.

    You know if there was a woman in the race at least we could see that there are actually difrferences between the candidates. I would vote for the woman.

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