Star Wars Nerds Buy Arclight Tickets!!!

In what might just me the most earth shattering news of the decade my mole inside the dark, velvety, luscious walls of Arclight has just handed me this bit of information:


Holy mother of christ! Do you know what this means? Do you??

Well if you don’t, I’m not going to tell you, but I will tell you this – they got half the damn theater. The rest of the seats will go on sale to the general public online and at the box offices later on. Maybe this afternoon. The page keeps changing on their site so there’s some behind the scenes work going on with it for sure.

Rumor has it the Star Wars Nerds have employed a team of 900 asian children with laptops to keep hitting refresh on the site and the second tickets go on sale they have orders to buy out the rest of the seats. My sources say they are being paid one bowl of rice that they will all share for this work.

The good news is that with the linnerupers focusing all their attention on The Dome, Wil, Jessica, the rest of and I should have no trouble getting seats in one of the other, way-nicer theaters at Arclight proper.

But what does this mean about the line that is still sitting outside of Graumans? It’s a Sham. A fake. A Fugazi. If they already have tickets at Arclight, does that means they lost their faith that they could make it happen at Graumans? I I swear to baby jesus that not 2 hours ago Wil and I were talking about how we really truly hoped something worked out for them, but now this? If the Star Wars Nerds waiting in line outside Graumans don’t even think the movie is going to be showing at Graumans anymore then I don’t know what to believe. The whole world has gone mad.

UPDATE: The details of the buy have been posted on the Liningup Messageboard and they got 450 tickets for about $5000 (don’t know if that’s an exact figure)which is $2000 more than they paid for the 300 Episode 2 tickets at Graumans Chinese when that came out. Here’s a graphic of The Dome and what seats they got, the brown sections are lineruppers. The remaining blue areas sold out in 10 minutes, or so I’ve been told.

UPDATE 2: It also looks like not all the waitinginliners were in agreement over these tickets and some of them are flat out refusing to go to the Arclight and will go to the Vista instead. Arclight seems to be weilding the power of the One Ring and is splitting up the once solid line just like the Fellowship.

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31 thoughts on “Star Wars Nerds Buy Arclight Tickets!!!”

  1. Think of the bright side; their convoluted reasoning of why they continue to wait in line AFTER they have tickets will be hilarious.

  2. Believe it or not, the group has not decided on a theater. I think it’s fucking awesome that our group has the power to buy thousands of dollars worth of tickets, on a WHIM, that can be used merely as a backup to give us more time to talk.

  3. Thousands of dollars worth of tickets? I thought your nonsense was supposed to be for charity. Hmm.

  4. Um, did you think for a second that we still don’t have to pony up our own personal money to actually buy the tickets?

  5. Is this true? I can’t believe this. All the time and energy I put into this. All the stuff I’ve ever read. How can y’all do this to me? There’s really no Santa? I can’t go on anymore.

    Lineruppers? Who the F*ck cares now that I have to deal with this Santa thing.

    Sean, Make sure you buy me a ticket!

  6. First you said 4pm, now you say ‘this afternoon’? Any more info than that? I don’t want to wait more than an hour at the Star Wars line of 1 in front of my computer screen.

  7. Man, in addition to this no Santa thing I just discovered that theres another Michael posting on the site. No Santa, another Michael and the Lineruppers are moving???

    I think I’m gonna cry – sniff –

  8. “I think it’s fucking awesome that our group has the power to buy thousands of dollars worth of tickets, on a WHIM”

    Dude, lemme be the first to say…


    Just because you waited on the street for countless hours in front of the wrong theater and the people at the Arclight decided to throw you a bone doesn’t mean you have any “power”. You just proved you’re the most pathetic lot out there and someone took pity on you. Also, if a large group of you out there had trouble rounding up enough money to buy a bunch of movie tickets, then I’d be worried. Quit crowing like you accomplished something. You guys are STILL on the sidewalk in front of the wrong theater! The whole world is pissing on you guys, but you’re all puffed up because you got tickets to a movie?

    Lemme let you in on a little secret: it’s not going to be hard to get tickets to see the movie, even if you want to see it at midnight on the first day. For those of us who realize it will be the same shitty movie a couple hours after midnight, we’ll be able to purchase all the tickets we want from the comfort of our own homes. Seriously, you couldn’t be more pathetic, bragging about how “powerful” you are cause you got tickets to the earliest possible showing of “Titanic in space”.

  9. “and the people at the Arclight decided to throw you a bone”

    Far from a “bone”. We had this deal worked out before we even lined up. Ball was always in our court.

    Much love to ya.

  10. I don’t see how it would be a comeback, since you didn’t insult me. I’m neither a Star Wars fan nor am I at the theater. I do, however, believe both you and the idiots in line are morons. You’re just being obnoxious about it, moron.

  11. In response to Craig…


    You didn’t have any sort of deal until last week, and even then it was highly tentative. ArcLight threw you a bone, trust me. I helped throw it. Heaven forbid you should be gracious or thankful or something for the deal you got. You had no reason to be high and mighty before, and you still don’t.

  12. How passive-agressive of you, Smay. “I don’t have a vested interest in any of this, therefore am above reproach, and any insults intended for me have been misdirected. Meanwhile, you’re all morons.” Sorry guy, you’re posting comments in here, same as the rest of us. Just because you have nothing to contribute other than “you’re all morons”, and because you don’t have an opinion doesn’t mean you’re above anyone, and doesn’t mean you somehow have conducted yourself with more class than anyone else (or whatever effect you were attempting to achieve). Get off the fence and give us your take or get the fuck out of here, cause nobody’s buying your “you are all beneath me” bullshit.

    And Craig, whether you had this “deal” in place for a while or since yesterday is irrelevant. You guys have no pull, and were thrown a bone, most likely because the Arclight people (whom you have all been trashing for a while now) probably pitied you. On top of that, your “deal” was to buy tickets to a movie. It’s not exactly something you needed to get the lawyers involved in, you know. That’s the bottom line here: you guys are waiting all this time for a movie that will play everywhere all the time for weeks, and you’ve been waiting in the wrong place. The fact that you have tickets to a midnight show at a theater doesn’t make you any different from thousands (or tens of thousands, or even millions) of people out there. The thing that makes you guys different is that you have been waiting in a line at the wrong place when you didn’t need to; and even worse, you’re STILL waiting at the wrong place, even with tickets in hand.

    The fact that you all have tickets in hand does not vindicate you in some way. If anything, it makes you look even MORE foolish, because now you’re not only waiting at the wrong theater for tickets; now you are waiting at the wrong theater for tickets YOU ALREADY HAVE. Quit trying to defend yourselves, you just dig the hole deeper with every denial.

  13. nice. In Seattle, “our” guy has been waiting since January (part of the time at the “wrong” theater). Yesterday he bolted to the right theater to get back-up tickets and returned to his blue sofa to continue his long wait.

  14. It’s almost like Lincoln Gasking was running the line again. Was he asleep across the street in the hotel again when they bought his ticket?

  15. What I want to know is – why do people who talk smack about the Arclight get special consideration to purchase early tickets while a loyal Arclight-only patron (and member)/Star Wars fan gets shut out in the cold? Now I’m not going to be able to watch SW on opening night – thanks nerds!

  16. Not going to be able to watch Star Wars on opening night? Are you kidding? I think you’re just not trying. They bought 450 tickets total, which left 376 in the dome, not to mention the 652 in the other theatres, and the other 652 that are sure to be added later. Hell, I got my tickets online. Don’t uphold the stereotype that arclight patrons are snobby (even if most of them are).

    They got special consideration because it’s not their fault the movie got moved from the Chinese, and because they’re doing it for charity ($10,000+ so far). If they were just doing it because, well, we’d laugh in their face like the rest of the world.

  17. Perhaps I should be more specific – the midnight showing. That’s the first chance to see the movie and when trying to buy tickets it’s was so overloaded the website crashed. Therefore, we couldn’t buy tickets. Now, whether or not this is where the nerds are by them taking up special 450 seats means that other showings are going to be over-crowded and inaccessible.

    And puh-lease about Arclight snobbery stereotype. Is that what Arclighters call loyal patrons? Nice.

  18. Over-crowded and inaccessible? Of course they’re all over-crowded and inaccessible, they’re all sold out. And they’d all sell out regarless of the people. The dome would have sold out in 20 minutes instead of 10 without them buying those seats.

    And we wouldn’t think of a lot of the guests as snobs if they weren’t actually snobs. If you’re not a snob, that’s fine. Snobbery doesn’t effect the quality of service, we just gripe after you leave.

  19. So the arclight was duped by their charity scam? Believe me, if they didn’t have to do the charity stand-a-thon thingy to prevent the police from telling them to stop loitering on Hollywood Blvd., they wouldn’t have jack shit to do with that charity. What did they do between lines for that charity? NOTHING. So I don’t buy their bullshit “we are here for charity” lie.

    I think the arclight snobs (or as they should be known as REAL STAR WARS fans, not posers), who didn’t get tickets to the first midnight showing IN THE DOME because the theater gave a private “ticket pre-buy” to a bunch of people who have dissed the theater, should call the manager of the Arclight and yell at him. They should let him/her know that that’s it — not paying 14 bucks for a movie anymore; not paying 50 – 100 for drinks and cocktails anymore before the film; not buying anything from the gift shop anymore. Nope — you fucked up and you lost my business.

  20. Or you could NOT get your panties in a twist over it. If they hadn’t bought those tickets the Dome would’ve sold out in 20 minutes instead of 10, and you still probably wouldn’t be one of those to get them.

    And what was to stop them from heading over to arclight when they went on sale and buying MORE than 450? Hell, they wanted all 830 to begin with.

    But I agree, call the managers and yell. Maybe they’ll wake the fuck up and listen for once.

    323-464-1465 (press 115 as soon as you hear a voice). Ask if you can yell at Wendell first.

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