Many Hands Make Quick Work

Brian Humphrey is putting out the word over at the LAFD blog once again for helpers Saturday mornings to help spruce up the September 11 memorial.

The memorial is built around a 23-ton, approximately 22-foot tall steel column was originally part of the lobby structure of the a piece of the World Trade Center (photo here taken by Will Campbell). It is on the grounds of the LAFD Training Center on Stadium Way.

“Don’t be shy. Just drop in anytime from 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM on the dates below – and if you could, assist Firefighters and their families with some of the minor grounds maintenance chores that remain.” Workers are needed on Saturdays between April 16th and May 14th.

Come on, they’re even offering refreshments.

3 thoughts on “Many Hands Make Quick Work”

  1. It should be noted that special praise should go to Captain Biggs who has been organizing not only the clean-up around the 9/11 memorial but the entire neglected Frank Hotchkin Memorial Training Center.

    His passion, energy and exemplary networking skills have brought about the tremendous amount of donations and volunteerism that is making these improvements possible. His work with the local community including the Citizens Committee to Save Elysian Park (CCSEP) has brought him the additional guidance, connections and energies of Michael OĆ­Brien, CCSEP member and Echo Park landscape architect. The work of these and all the additional un-named individuals is what will transform the entire Cultural Historic Monument site to its former glory.

  2. Thanks for that update Scott. I’m hoping to make it over tomorrow around 11 or so and maybe I’ll catch some photos.

    I’d love to see the area improved as well, we need to preserve and protect all of our greenspaces as it’s one of the best things about living in LA.

    I think it’s a credit to their project to make it so easy to just stop by and help out for what time you’re able to give. I’ll try to find Cpt. Biggs if he’s around and give him props in person too!

  3. Brian thank you for adding the request for help. we have placed about 70 tons of boulders on the grounds, trimmed trees, pulled weeds and raked about everything that doesn’t move. we are ready to paint, repair the sprinklers and then plant. when asking for volunteers we need all ages, like when we start to plant. imagine a child that helps plant our eleven acre site. think about coming back each September 11, Patriot Day and seeing “your” plant grow. thanks you for helping to get the word out.

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