OK, Officially: Stay off the Freeways!

As if people getting shot isn’t bad enough, now giant pieces of road debris are breaking windows and killing people. This morning on the I-5 south near Glendale Blvd (Atwater Village) some kind of piece of metal flew up through a van’s windshield and killed two of the people inside. Here’s the fun part: They think it might have been dropped on the van from an overpass. Lovely, this is just the thing I wanted to add to my growing list of things to worry about on the freeways – I’ll add it right in between “jerkoffs on the cellphones” and “jerkoffs with 90 feet of crap tied to the back of their Ford Festiva and driving like they are in a Lotus.” This happened about 6 AM so if you were stuck in some nightmarish traffic on the 5 South this morning now you know why.

UPDATE: The LA Times is reporting more details, and that it came from the road, not from an overpass.

Investigators believe the grapefruit-size object was road debris and no foul play was suspected, said CHP Officer Alex Delgadillo. The object crashed through the passenger side of the minivan’s windshield about 5:45 a.m. near Los Feliz Boulevard.

All lanes were reopened at 9:16 a.m., after traffic had been snarled for most of the morning rush hour as motorists were detoured onto surface streets.