More freeway madness

As noted here on recently, things have been a wee bit wacko on the freeways lately.

This screenshot is from the 4pm broadcast of the Channel 4 news coverage of a crazy-ass chase that started on the 405–at least, that’s where I picked up the story–and ended up on Wilshire near the V.A. building. The helicopter footage was wild, especially as augmented by the clearly dumbfounded chopper reporter’s enthusiastic blow-by-blow commentary of this guy riding the breakdown lane and sidewalks, squeezing his way between a bus and a truck, barely missing a number of other vehicles and people (it looks like no one was hurt).

The guys pulling guns were off-duty feds or something who just happened to be passing by, which I guess was good since traffic was so heinous that they could not apparently get any backup for the squad car you see in the picture.

The hell with all of this; I’m staying in the house…

3 thoughts on “More freeway madness”

  1. Dare I use this as an example why it’s a good idea to allow the good guys to have guns too? By good guys, of course I mean citizens, not just law inforcement.

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