Jessica Stover feeds the Star Wars Nerds

The other day Jessica Stover learned that in order to survive a 6 week wait to see a movie in front of a theater that isn’t showing that movie, Jedi’s need pizza. Lots of pizza. So today, she took them some. And answered their phone. And stole their Jedi cloaks. And of course, she’s got photos to prove it. She said she’s writing up a more detailed report so if someone can sit on her site and just keep hitting refresh until it’s there and then let me know that would rock.

Michael B and I are planning a trip back down to the line in the next few days to deliver more shirts and vegan cookies, but I’ve been warned that the chick in the orange shirt really wants me dead in a bad way. I guess I’ll have to bring some sort of posse with me to watch my back.

[full star wars line coverage]

4 thoughts on “Jessica Stover feeds the Star Wars Nerds”

  1. I already told ya, there is no Lotus. It was a Jedi mind trick. “Chevy Vega no see you, Lotus it is”

  2. Sean, you fool. How many more people are you going to get irate at you. Now you’re got them categorized by color. I got your back until you get to green though.

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