Highways To Hell

Further to Sean’s posts below, I had barely pulled onto the northbound Golden State Freeway from Fletcher this morning when I encountered stacked up traffic in both directions. Inching slowly forward I found a group of media vehicles parked along the center divider and my heart skipped at the thought of not another freeway shooting, which would make it the second in two days and the third in two weeks. A short crawl forward and I found the object of everyone’s attention: a green minivan with what looked to be a pierced windshield, flanked by a coroner’s vehicle that was open for business.


I snapped the above pic in passing the scene and moved onward to work trying to contain my outrage. It wasn’t until later that I learned the developing facts, which have done little to sooth me (from kfwb.com):

“A large metal object smashes through a minivan windshield killing two people on the Golden State Freeway, according to police. Investigators are determining if the road debris hit the van accidentally or was intentionally thrown.”