Star Wars Line Shelter Blows Down!!

Breaking news from the message board. At 10:20 in the PM it was reported that:

“The winds tonight are brutal. Things are flying away and falling down left and right but this shelter is going NOWHERE.”

Unfortunately that seemed to be short lived as a follow up report at 10:47 broke the sad news:

“Um, nevermind. Spoke too soon. “

I can only assume that the computer did not blow away. No word yet on the status of the talking Yoda doll and if that was blown away too so we’ll just have to hope that no news is good news. More soon.

6 thoughts on “Star Wars Line Shelter Blows Down!!”

  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! That’s funny stuff right there. Yeah God is telling us something:


    Heh heh heh

  2. Lol, way to take a couple simple comments and run with it. “Star Wars Line Shelter Blows Down?” You guys really have nothing better to do than “report” on things like this, and WE are the ones with no lives?
    Since I’m assuming all of you live in L.A. you probably noticed how incredibly windy it was last night. Twice it grabbed the shelter and lifted it up about 6 inches off the ground, despite the 60 pounds of weights in the legs. Fear not, it’s not going anywhere, as it’s lashed to the wall.
    Still, I’m intrigued that if we’re ever really really bored, I guess we could make up whatever stories we want and post them on our messageboard and you’ll run a story about it.

  3. GREG – Speaking for myself only. You just don’t get it, I LOVE WHAT Y’ALL ARE DOING. If I didn’t think it was so fucking cool I wouldn’t bother commenting and writing about it. I wouldn’t have bothered to show up to meet some of you. I wouldn’t be re making Star Wars tees for your charity auction. Understand this, I AM A SMART ASS and always will be.

    What you are doing reminds me of when I was working day and night with ETOY.CORP to get their domain name back from People didn’t understand why I was up every night till 2:00 AM sending email bombs to press around the world.

    What makes what y’all are doing so fucking great is that your insist on staying there even though everyone says the movie is not playing there and tons of people think your geeks, nerds, dorks, stupid, assholes or whatever. You have to look at that and understand that if you take a crazy position like that people are going to give you some shit. Hell, if it was Jay Leno you’d be bustin up laughin.

    You are going to have to learn to laugh along with us and if the movie does change venues to accomodate your cause you’ll have the BIGGEST last laugh ever.

    As for having nothing better to do. I run my own clothing company and Sean owns blogs, art galleries and other stuff. We have tons of things we have to do but we take the time to do this. I think you should take it as a compliment that Sean takes time to post “lineeruppers” related stories on How many people would pay to have the coverage y’all are getting. How much media and how many donations came about because of the coverage on this blog?

    Dude your 15 minutes have arrived. Andy would be proud. Enjoy the spotlight have some LAUGHS because you may never get another chance like this again!

    P.S. Dude, I don’t care what you think, my fucking “JarJar we’re not in Tatoinne anymore” post was damn funny!

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