Breaking News!! Star Wars Line members are not nerds!

star_wars_line_tb.jpgOK Stop the presses! New shit has come to light, man.

Local blogger Emmanuelle went down to the line and talked to a line member named Eliott (pictured) who explained, on tape and while dressed as a Jedi, that the internet is nothing but trouble, that he is in fact not a nerd, has a normal social life which includes things such as Rocky Horror Picture Show viewings, and then goes on to show off his hand made combat-ready light saber and asks a Yoda doll if it is excited about Episode III. I’m dead serious and here’s the 3.8MB MP3 file so you can listen for yourself. This is one of the best things I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Ever. Thanks Emmanuelle!

(I should note here that bloggers, myself included, are some of the biggest nerds around right now, even without customized props or talking toys.)

UPDATE: BoingBoing points to this QTVR of the line.

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11 thoughts on “Breaking News!! Star Wars Line members are not nerds!”

  1. Thanks Sean! I should mention that Eliott was very sweet and that I was the first to try to talk to the Yoda doll, hoping to hear his philosophy of life. Sadly, the doll would only answer “yes” or “no”, despite Eliott’s numerous attempts.

  2. Of course! No disrespect to Elliot intended. I wish I had the stones to wear a jedi costume and make light sabers and say I wasn’t a nerd. I can’t even make stupid posts on the internets without just admitting it outright.

  3. His costume looked awfully warm but Eliott didn’t complain. Talking of nerds, I was the one dressed up as a villager at those Prisoner conventions and going to school in a black and white jacket like Patrick McGoohan with a “number 6” badge. So again, I’m with them!

    In a way, I wish I could have fun with fellow fans at a giant themed slumber party in the heart of Hollywood. But for Star Wars? And for 5 weeks? Hum… not really.

  4. Oh my god.

    These people are trying to convince everyone that they are the “cool nerds” not “those nerds.”


    I hear the cops stop by every 15 minutes to check on them- according to a few media reports. Guess there’s no crime in hollywood if cops have that much free time.

  5. Sure, the cops keep stopping by, but the Jedis in line just tell them it isn’t the line they’re looking for, and the cops wander off, confused.

  6. Jessica Stover (the prettiest ninja you’ll ever meet) is planning a field trip to visit the nerds.

    Guess who sent her e-mail?

    Yo Jessica, This is Elliot from the Star Wars line. Now I know who you are… I have AOL (unfortunately). Anyway, stop by, bring food and good company, thatís all we ask. We hope to see you soon. Elliot

    P.S. May the Force be with you (yes, we are geeks!)

    I’m confused . . . are they geeks, or are they not geeks? Elliot keeps changing his story. Could he be under the influence of the Dark Side of the Force?! Now that is breaking news!

  7. Every geek says that, but they secretly all desire to be the jock or the cool kids. They just deny it.

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