4 thoughts on “A line of our own”

  1. I’M THERE! The Apple website says they are debuting OS X.4, TIGER at The Grove Store but it’s been my experience that if enough people get together we can change that and get OS 7.5 re-released at The Grove not the Glendale Galleria store.

    In 1984 my friends and I camped out at Apple headquarters for days protesting Apples decision to name their new, secret computer the “Red Delicious” and it worked. They switched at the last minute and went with our suggested name “Macintosh”. Good think, I’d hate to own an Apple Red Delicious G4. Good way to be labeled a nerd!

    Don’t buy into the OS 7.5 re-release at the Glendale Galleria store. It belongs at THE GROVE and we can make that happen.

    FYI, please make a note of this. I am NOT prepared to move the line to the Glendale Galleria if I hear that the re-release of OS 7.5 is only taking place at that location. We’ll make Steve Jobs come to THE GROVE and debut the re-release of OS 7.5 at THE GROVE where it belongs.

    Also, I will be donating all proceeds from my time in line to SWFSB, “Star Wars Fans Squirrel Boosters”. Every three years millions of squirrels die trying to navigate city streets to see the new Star Wars releases. The “Star Wars Fans Squirrel Boosters” are building digital signal, battery powered movie screens in forests across America so that we can stop the squirrel carnage.

    P.S. Craig, in case you missed it. IT’s A JOKE

  2. I think I still have a computer with 7.5. I should bring it to the Line. The one at the Chinese, I mean. Not sure if the wireless would work, though…

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