No place to park my non-car

When I moved to L.A. last year, I was thrilled that my new apartment came with a parking space. I haven’t had much use for that spot, except for standing in it and feeling sad, because I couldn’t afford a car. Now that my car account has a little money in it, and I feel like my car-owning dreams are about to come true, someone else has been parking in my spot.

It’s not a big deal, but it has been happening a lot lately, so I figured I should take action before the person got too comfortable. Today, as I was headed out for a walk to Starbucks and Ralphs, I saw my apartment manager and asked him if he knew anything about it. After thinking it over, he said he might have given my spot away. I must’ve looked totally heartbroken, so he said he’d assign me a new spot as soon as I need it. He sort of pointed at a spot in the shade, which could be nice (a slightly cooler car in the summer) or terrible (if my soon-to-be-real car gets covered in sap and bits of tree). Not that a little sap could get me down once I finally have a car!! I’m just glad I found out the truth before I left any notes or stickers on what I thought was an evil, spot-stealing vehicle.

Oh, while I’m on the subject of not having a car, could all of you readers do me a favor? Be nice to someone who doesn’t drive. And by this I don’t mean honking at me as I walk down the street, or pulling your SUV over to offer me money in exchange for sexual favors. In L.A., we get treated like freaky aliens, but non-drivers aren’t necessarily bad people — maybe we just have a ton of student loans and credit card debt. Sure, I might be jealous of your sweet ride (anything with 4 wheels and an engine qualifies), but I won’t try to steal it, I promise.

2 thoughts on “No place to park my non-car”

  1. …as long as you don’t wear a tee that says “I’d rather be driving”, its all good.

  2. rejoice non-driving los angeles citizen! ive lived in la 6-7 years here without a car, and im great without it! albeit, we are treated like were lepers, but i guess it adds to the street cred. its key to live near a metro, and work near one too.

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