Is That Who I Think It Is?

Celebrity sightings are a dime a dozen ’round these parts, naturally, but here’s a reported one that was pretty special.

So you’re entered in a bicycle race, the Lemire Memorial Grand Prix in Ojai, and it’s a few minutes before race time. You hear some hubbub nearby and glance over to see this guy being escorted in:


Right after the paramedics shock your heart back to life, you realize that, yes, that is the 6-time champion of the Tour de France about to kick your ass. For charity. :) More on the story at NBC4. Lance placed 15th and donated his winnings to the race foundation.

2 thoughts on “Is That Who I Think It Is?”

  1. How did you place?

    It was a glorious weekend in LA, I hope it was gorgeous up in Ojai, too.

    (I’m a little miffed that I can no longer use my blog url here … grrr.)

  2. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there at the race — sorry if that wasn’t clear. :)

    And on the blog url front, could you create a tinyurl to point there? Ugly workaround, I realize, but maybe that would help.

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