There’s Subscribers and Then There’s SUBSCRIBERS!

Ever sinced I moved here, I’ve been a hit-or-miss LA Times subscriber. For some reason I can’t seem to break the habit of having a newspaper on Sunday morning. I think it came from my mom; she always sent me up the street on Sundays to grab a paper from the machine, as well as a dozen donuts from Winchell’s. But too often I don’t have the time to get to it and the whole thing ends up going in the recycling bin, unopened. Whenver the guilt over all those dead trees builds to an unacceptable level, I cancel. Then a few Sundays and holidays pass without that giant slab of adds and silly filler and I start to get nostalgic and end up resubscribing. The cycle begins anew. Since I’m currently in the subscribed state of that cycle, I didn’t think I’d have a problem with the paid content requirement that everybody is always talking about. But as it turns out, I went to serach for something today and discovered that the paid content is is available to 7-day subscribers only. I only get home delivery Friday through Sunday, so I’m still locked out. I guess their thinking is probably that I don’t have access to the print edition all week, so I shouldn’t have access to the digital one all week. Curses! Google News here I come…again.

2 thoughts on “There’s Subscribers and Then There’s SUBSCRIBERS!”

  1. I feel your pain รณ and I’m a 7-dayer. After the
    Saturday post here about the article on Xeni in the Times I was trying to access it online. First I had to log in separately to CalendarLive and then it wouldn’t accept my subscription account number. It kept on telling me that the account was being used by someone else. WTF! So I called their support line and guess what: the recording told me to leave a message and they’d get back to me Monday. Boy I left them a message all right.

    But if it’s any consolotation to the guilt that builds up about all those trees beign wasted… the Times is printed on recycled paper.

  2. Ah, the sunday morning paper. I could spend all day with the LA Times, or New York Times.

    My dad was in the business, and my first job was a paper route. So I have always subscribed to the local paper.

    I am so obsessed with blogs and blogging I hardly glance at the paper now.

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