Endless Sunshine

Just got back from a trip to NYC…and as always when I get back here to the land of sunshine…. I realize how ridiculously lucky I am to live here. And thankful.
Okay…before you jump me on how great ‘the city’ is. I know. NYC is wonderful! But there is no doubt that we Angeleans (is that a word?) seem to be a lot happier and way less stressed on a day-to-day basis. New Yorkers take pride in their edginess and love to ridicule people in LA because we have endless sunshine and are more laid-back. But isn’t that one of the pleasures of being alive…to enjoy life and not stress so much? I kept looking in all the faces of people I passed and interacted with and people in general just seem way more closed. And not so happy. And listen…I’ve been going to NYC for work and play forever….so I know people there intimately….this is just a feeling and an impression. What I really want to say is for all its problems…..LA ROCKS! I for one am super happy to be on the planet in this particular city.

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  1. I’d go even further: NYC is so over as a city. It’s old, archaic, entrenched, musty, and dour. Los Angeles is the city of the future (for better and for worse).

    Whenever I land at LAX from returning from the U.S. east coast, I am so happy, just like you described. I soak up the sunshine, smile back at those who smile at me, and get a two-by-two at In-and-Out and the world is right.

  2. Yeah, watching the people in NYC was starting to feel like a wax museum tour, and this was in 1999!

    I hate to say it, in the 21st century, people are probably going to find it safer to live in more decentralized urban areas like LA vs. living around the numerous potential “targets” found in closely-packed NYC or DC. Weather in LA is a nice bonus, too.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you see numerous new, spread-out, LA-like cities spring up in temperate areas throughout the globe in the 21st century.

  3. Hmm, duplicate post?

    It would be a shame if LA becomes the model for the city of the future. It really should be something more like Arcosanti. Or at least someplace with better public transportation.

    I’m no fan of NY, but living in a city like that can be nice too. I spent three years in Philadelphia, and there are some things about it I prefer over LA. If my friends weren’t all here, and if not for the weather, I could see myself living there still.

  4. The weather there is to die for. Other cities have their advantages–SF has public transport and a 12 mile radius. But 5 years later, this former Angeleno still can’t get used to temps below 70!

  5. I live in Orange County, and I always enjoy coming up to LA for the architecture, restaurants, museums…but…I usually try to take Metrolink or Amtrak due to the fact that I hate the drive. Unfortunately, the train approaching LA is really ugly…I am very happy once I get to Union Station, but the area around the LA River from the train is disgusting…trash, graffiti and homeless people living along the banks…sometimes bathing in the LA River. I know there is talk of cleaning it up, but a little paint and some trees could go a long way…It is the entrance for a lot of tourists to LA..and LA deserves better…the politicians I write never have an answer to this mess…anyone agree? I first wrote Mayor Bradley about this problem and now that so many people take the train, we should clean up the this mess.

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