LA Avengers Player Dies During Game

In a horrible turn of events, LA Avenger and former NFL lineman Al Lucas died during a game tonight, apparently from a spinal cord injury.

Television replays showed Lucas bending down to make a tackle. The [New York] Dragons’ ball carrier and a blocker tumbled over his head and back, with the blocker’s leg appearing to hit Lucas in the head. Lucas did not move after falling to the ground.

He was 26 years old and married, with a daughter. More info at the LA Avengers website. No word yet on any arrangements.

One thought on “LA Avengers Player Dies During Game”

  1. I saw a prototype set of pads in the 1990’s that integrated a big fishbowl lexan helmet together with shoulder pads; technically, this was supposed to eliminate neck trauma and thus paralysis due to neck fracture. But, playing while wearing something like that is probably harder than it sounds. And it won’t prevent you from getting snapped in half by the Pats 340lb DT, Keith Traylor! :)

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