Attention Star Wars Line:

Where is the love?

Our friend Jason Cosper from OC said he stopped by the line to invite you guys to come to our meet up tonight and he said you guys were all “fuck those guys!” I was shocked. We were shocked. Those are words that hurt. Don’t you like us anymore? I thought we were friends.

Anyway.. since you couldn’t make it I just posted a bunch of photos that you cna check out and have some video I’ll post later. Enjoy!

meetup sign

5 thoughts on “Attention Star Wars Line:”

  1. Did you expect anything less from obvious bi-polar mental cases?

  2. Thanks for organizing the meetup. It was good to see that every blogger isn’t a freaky pasty hermit. Well maybe pasty. Hot tip: When one brings their digital camera be sure to have a charged, or spare, battery. Glad to see you did.

  3. Sorry I missed it. Was it about Star Wars, or this story in general? I would have loved to have gone to the meeting and presented LU.N’s side of things.

  4. Had I been there, I very well might have taken you up on your offer. However, given the comments towards LiningUp on this site, I’m not surprised by our reaction.

  5. Geez Greg — you are such a downer — how did you get to be so bitter?

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