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  1. Yeah, I went to this last year, thinking everybody there was going to be psyched about Scaled Composites and their “then” upcoming Space Ship One Test Flight in June 2004 (what can I tell you, I started to keep track of this test flight date after reading a Wired news article about Burt Rutan and Scaled them in late 2003/early 2004; around the same time, I also contacted Scaled’s VP for Marketing and she let me forward a bunch of my own domains to their Scaled.com website.. SpaceEntrepreneur.com and the like… to help with Scaled’s web publicity).

    So I pay like 70 bucks and go to the LAX -Encounters- (?) restaurant where they are having the Yuri’s night deal and talk to people like these guys from the Boeing’s Satellite division who said, “Scaled Composites..oh, those guys doing the X-Prize thing;”… to them it was like BFD (which, to them, maybe it was)

    The highlight of the evening: I get Dennis Tito’s autograph (he’s the first guy to buy his way up the ISS; cost him 20 million to do it) and then end up sitting next to Tito and his wife at some end of ceremony deal (Tito’s wife had comes up and asked me if the seats to my right were taken). Whoever was doing the ceremony made some comment about the fact that the “U.S. should never have left the moon.” I then see Tito’s wife patting Tito on his scalp and knodding to him knowingly as if the “never leaving the moon” thing was something he’s complained to her about every night since 1972. That was the high point of insight for the evening.

    But, hey, Lt. Uhuru from Star Trek was there (probably one of those $2000 a night bookings and not due to any real interest in the event, but I ‘ll give here the benefit of the doubt) and so was Ray Bradbury, which was kind of cool. Also, was a decent DJ and music for a little semi-club scene later. But, the drinks were expensive (for 70 bucks, you’d think you’d get at least a free plastic cup full of Charles Shaw or something :).

    Anyway, so the whole Yuri’s Night deal stuck me as “Big Aerospace.” No reps from the newer, little aerospace companys (Space Dev or Scaled Composites) were in attendance. But, that was 2004; going to miss 2005, but hopeful that they’ll invite reps from the little companies there this time, especially in the wake of the success of the Space Ship One lauches.

    And, at the same time, the event could use a lot more work, money, organization, and insightful speakers to really kick ass. But hey, its called Yuri’s (Russian peasant astronaut’s) Night, not Tito’s Night (unless you are thinking of the 70 bucks to get in). But, at least a space-type event is out there; and, it will only get better if it stays in existance.

  2. Sorry, the little “Yuri-Head” with this post made me recall and blurt out the previous comment :)

    And, also, it costs a lot less than 70 bucks, if you want to skip the earlier seminar, slash “big-brain-meet-and-greet” and just attend the dance thing in the late evening; I think it’s like 15 bucks; but BYOB!

  3. Oh man, they should just have fun with the space theme. It would be the best space themed dance party ever if Man or Astroman? played!

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