More Ads That Suck (another in an occasional series)

I now, I now. You’re craving yet another opinionated update on either the pope (still dead), or maybe the “Star Wars” freaks and geeks camping outside the Grauman’s Chinese Theater (still there). Instead, all I’ve got for you is silly and useless diversional commentary on trivial ads (found either around town or featuring a SoCal locale) that just rub me the wrong way. Jeez, but don’t I suck?

bear.jpgFirst up is this billboard at Sunset and Fountain that I’ve driven by these last couple weeks. Call me crazy, but while this ad is no doubt trying to tout Bank of the West’s purported longevity “Since 1874” it does little to engender my trust and respect for it as an entrenched financial institution. Instead, all I do every time I see those three grizzlies pictured is wonder if the bank is proudly reminding me that 1874 is the year that the great bears went extinct in this state, killed off everywhere except from our flag. And even though the last wild California grizzly wasn’t destroyed until the 1920s, I’m thinking there’s a better way for a bank to pitch me a checking account than by posting ads here that feature an animal Californians so easily bounced.

toyota.jpgThis second ad from Toyota, was found in “Time” magazine this week. Now, the car company already incurred my rantwrath here awhile back when someone there decided they could sell some Camrys with print ads demeaning opossums. So, what’s my problem with the full-pager pictured at right? On the surface, nada. No animals are being insulted. Nothing’s noticeably smarmy. Instead, there’s just the backside of what I assume to be a hip and attractive young woman walking with her keys in her hand away from the camera towards her snazzy new Solara serenely parked seaside somewhere. The trouble I have is that particular seaside somewhere just happens to be the quaint and ultacompact city of Avalon over on Catalina Island รณ just about the last place anyone would need a full-sized vehicle.

But beyond the ridiculousness of having so much horsepower in such a confined space (if you’ve never been, the number of gas vehicles are minimal and most of the island’s locals zip around town in small electric carts), I can only hope and pray that the car was digitally inserted into the ad and no expenses and resources were wasted transporting the vehicle there and back for the photo shoot that could have easily been done anywhere here on the mainland. Oh what a feeling!

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  1. Don’t forget the Michelob Ultra billboard that’s got a guy swimming in a big pool, with the phrase “This is your beer.”

    I saw that and immediately thought, “Yeah, if you like watery crap, that’s totally your beer.”

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