Evolution of the Tag

I’ve been driving by this Sony PSP billboard on Santa Monica and Virgil (across the street from the ill-fated Jay’s Jayburgers). At first it was a pristine billboard, of course.

Then it was tagged. And now it’s got this anvil pasted on it.

evo-psp01.jpg evo-psp02.jpg

(taken 3/31 and 4/7 respectively)

Anyone know the meaning of the anvil? It took me a long time to grok the whole obey things, so I’m looking for a little help here.

4 thoughts on “Evolution of the Tag”

  1. I believe the anvil is a video game store logo on Melrose, which opened about a year ago.

  2. the anvils are pure capitalism.
    just like the advert itself…
    that store is putting them up everywhere.
    its gross…

    the graff is by one of the leading los angeles graff artists… actually he is prob. one of the best in the world…

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