Attention XXXX @ XXXXX

Sorry for posting this publicly but I can’t find your e-mail address or any kind of a contact anywhere on the site for you. I just had a chance to read your story LINK REMOVED over there on PUBLICATION REMOVED that went up DATGE REMOVED. While reading it I started thinking that a lot of the INCRIMINATING DETAILS REMOVED and had some serious déjà vu. I guess you figured it was OK to just copy quotes from our site and use them in your story, right? Wrong. I guess you missed the link at the bottom to our Creative Commons license which explain the allowed uses of material from our site. The main point I want to draw to your attention is “Attribution.” In short, it means if you use something from our site you have to credit us. I rechecked your story and, nope, didn’t see a credit. Now usually I’d take the two pronged approach of having the massive team of lawyers send over a book full of nastygrams and as well as pay off some gang bangers to follow you around calling you names and giving you the evil eye but DETAILS REMOVED thought I’d just ask you nicely instead. Please, pretty please, give us credit for the material you swiped from our site. All you’d need to do is add a link to DETAILS REMOVED I’d be happy. Of course you might not want to admit that you didn’t get those quotes yourself, in which case I’m going to have to ask you to just go ahead and remove them altogether. So, yeah, either credit us or stop using the quotes. Thanks man!

Situation has been corrected. Thanks!