Nerds getting Mad Press

I couldn’t be bothered to actually compile all these headlines into one place, but lucky for me Defamer already did the work. Of course I don’t need to pay myself on the back about… wait a minute… yes I do. We were totally the first place to mention that the line is at the wrong theater and screamed about it for days (hours at least) before any of these dudes picked it up.

‘Star Wars’ fans wait at wrong theater [CNN/AP]
‘Star Wars’ fans may be lining up in vain [LA Daily News]
‘Star Wars’ Fans Follow The Force … To The Wrong Theater []

And for British flavor:
‘Wrong queue’ for Star Wars fans [BBC News]
Star Wars Fans Queue Up at Wrong Cinema [Scotsman UK]
Fans are Daft Vaders [The Sun UK]

Also: iFilm made a visit, and they brought a video camera: Star Wars III: Revenge of the Nerds

8 thoughts on “Nerds getting Mad Press”

  1. Yeah, and we were the first to go visit them and bring them Star Wars tees.

    SuperLuckyCat is going to remake some vinatge Star Wars tee’s for the charity auction!

  2. I also caught the story on channel 7 news last night as well as heard it teased on channel 5 this morning, and then even on Jim Rome’s sports talk radio show this morning.

  3. As a gesture of his utter hatred and contempt of his fans, George Lucas should drive by in a limo, wearing a Jar Jar mask, and throw a bucket of pig shit on the waiting nerds.

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