Thanks Angels!

I will try really hard not to make all of my posts from now until October baseball-related, but I just have to say this:

Even though the Angels lost tonight, I think they did it for the good of the fans watching at home; they managed to lose in the 12th just minutes before the start of the Daily Show. This is either a testament to their love of Jon Stewart or a totally unrelated coincidence. As a blindly superstitious baseball fan, I vote for the former. Thanks, Angels! Now I don’t have to be torn between watching the sport I love and watching the fake news I love.

Just for that, I promise not to make fun of your multi-city team name for at least a day.

5 thoughts on “Thanks Angels!”

  1. Hey, what does this Angels post have to do with Los Angeles?

    (Sorry, j/k, couldn’t resist.)

    Seriously, though, Kathleen, how about our boys in blue whacking the Giants today? Granted, Yhency gave up a two-run blast as a closer, while our actual closer…who wasn’t playing…managed to get himself ejected. Those hot-headed Canadians! ;)

    Which reminds me — I still miss hockey. Enough said.

  2. Robert, it says Los Angeles in their team name, so… basically that just gives me an excuse to make fun of them all season. But I thought I’d be nice tonight.

    And yes, our boys kicked some butt today. I should’ve probably posted about that too, but hey. The Los Feliz Angels of Laguna Hills need love too.

    Oops, I broke my promise.

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